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Archive for September, 2006

28 Sep

Naughty Amateur Home Videos">Naughty Amateur Home Videos

Host Jesse Jane will take you on one wild ride this season.

25 Sep


What is alimony?

25 Sep

Hello Dolly

Why didn’t Dolly Parton take up stage acting?

25 Sep

Married to the Mob

How is marriage like the Witness Protection Program?

25 Sep

Completely Miserable

If a man is incomplete when he’s single, what is he when he’s married?

25 Sep

Birth Control

What’s the best form of birth control after 50?

25 Sep

Pay at the Pump

Why do men get paid more at the sperm bank than the blood bank?

25 Sep

A Quickie

What takes up the least amount of time and cause the most trouble?

22 Sep

Putting the “Wild” in Wild West

Two incredible Playboy models shed their tops in anticipation of an old-fashioned showdown! With a prelude this steamy, you can only imagine how hot the action is that follows!

22 Sep

Poolside Seduction

A trio of beautiful bikini-clad Playboy models are getting hot by the pool. So hot, in fact, that even their barely-there swimsuits have to come off to keep things from boiling over!

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