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Archive for April, 2011

26 Apr

Kelli Mackenzie

Sexy wife Kelli Mackenzie says that nothing is a bigger turn on than a man in uniform. Kelli says she loves to role-play and needs a man that can take control. Head over to the members area and see why Kelli has us standing at attention!

26 Apr

Priscilla Clark

Small-town babe Priscilla Clark has come a long way since she first debuted in Student Bodies! Fresh from college and all grown up, we couldn’t wait to get another look at this all-natural wonder. Priscilla cites her wicked sweet-tooth as her biggest vice, making us wonder: If you are what you eat, how sweet she must be!

19 Apr

Khristina Kelley

Aspiring fashion designer Khristina Kelley has a head for style and dreams of one day opening her own clothing boutique. Khristina says that the most important thing when it comes to a date is undeniable chemistry! Head over to the members area and check out Khristina’s videos to get a handle on what makes this southern belle one to watch!

14 Apr

Rainy Day

Sporty coed Rainy Day loves the fast-paced party lifestyle of college but says her studies always take priority. Rainy’s knock out body and love of boxing has us seeing stars! Pull up ring-side in the members area and watch Rainy’s hot interview video where she shares her sexy secrets and pull-no-punch attitude when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom!

14 Apr

Amber St. James

In addition to a prosperous modeling career, Amber’s dream is to one day penn a best-selling novel — and she’s well on her way since she’s already had three articles she wrote for her journalism class published in the newspaper. To learn what other talents Amber has check out her interview featured in the members area.

07 Apr

Laya LeOwn

Sexy yoga instructor Laya LeOwn takes pride in her health and a well-rounded life. Laya loves to cook dinner for her mate and thinks she would make a perfect 1950’s housewife. Head to the members area to catch a glimpse of Laya in her kitchen as she serves up the sexy, one bun at a time!

07 Apr

Kara Jo

For a girl who was born and raised in Texas it should come as no surprise that Kara is looking for a Texas cowboy who is a ”gentleman, faithful, fun and spontaneous.” When she does land her man, she says the perfect date involves ”tailgating and a football game!” For more dating dos and don’ts with Kara check out her interview featured in the members area.

05 Apr

Erin Fox

Sexy single Erin Fox appreciates the simple things in life, saying the perfect date begins when he opens the door for me at dinner. Erin thinks the sexiest part of a man’s body is his back but we’re sure no man would be crazy enough to turn their back on this native american beauty. Move over to the members area to see what Erin has to say in her exclusive interview.

05 Apr

PlayboysBustyBabes Brooke Erickson

Brooke left behind the cold winters in Chicago and headed to the desert warmth of Arizona so she could pursue a career in fitness modeling and personal training. When this ”outgoing, genuine, down-to-earth and honest” girl does take a break from the 9-to-5 she loves to take in a baseball game with her friends. To see what else Brooke is into check out her interview featured in the members area.

05 Apr

Danielle Loveland

After a long day in the ring, the only thing MMA ring-girl Danielle Loveland wears to bed is a smile. Sex on the beach isn’t just a drink for Danielle, saying that the perfect date would be a one-on-one near the ocean, rolling around naked in the sand. Head to the members area to hear Danielle talk about her favorite female body parts and what she likes to do to them!

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