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Archive for May, 2011

11 May

Cody Renee

Athletic coed Cody Renee is super competitive on or off the field. Whether she’s bellying up to a late night round of Monopoly or an early afternoon game of touch football, Cody wants you all to know she’s bringing her A game. Catch an eye-full of Playboy’s latest student body in the members area and see why losing ain’t so bad at the hands of Ms. Cody Renee.

09 May

Cassandra Leigh

When hot-housewife Cassandra Leigh feels naughty, she indulges in artichoke pizza and a hefty vodka-tonic! Cassandra makes sure her indulgences are kept to a minimum, making hardcore workouts at the gym and eating right her number one priority. Check out Cassandra’s pictorials and videos in the members area and see why Cassandra’s husband may be the luckiest man alive!

09 May

Nikki Lee Young

All natural beauty Nikki Lee Young keeps her skin glowing by rubbing baby oil all over her body. Once she’s all greased up, Nikki loves to slip and slide between a fresh set of satin sheets, letting the silky smoothness glide over her nubile curves. Take the love express to the members area to see all of Nikki’s slippery goodness!

03 May

March 2011 Coed of the Month

Laura is a very serious student, spending most of these days prepping for finals. I’m living in the library right now, she says, but I took a break from studying on my birthday to make cupcakes for all my good guy friends in the Kappa Sigma fraternity. She’ll need to transfer from Oregon State to another college to complete her nursing degree and will miss taking notorious courses like the human sexuality class she passed last semester. My instructor pantomimed performing oral sex on a woman once, she says. The instructor is also a woman, so it was just as hilarious as it was sexy. As the new girl on campus, Laura will be on the lookout for intellectually stimulating guys. It’s an absolute must that he’s not a complete idiot, she says. It also helps if he’s attractive and muscular. The gym is always a good place to meet those kinds of men.

03 May

March 2011, Cyber Girl of the Month

When Kristen is on set, there’s little that stops the sexy brunette from providing the perfect shot. The more I model, shooting becomes a mission, she says. Once I get into model mode I don’t stop until the photographer is following my motions and all I hear is, You’re killing it. The New York rocker girl recently packed up and headed south to sunny Miami and says she’s enjoying her new jet-set life, with more adventures in the works. I’m just having fun and traveling around. I have been getting a few movie parts in Atlanta; they’re small but who knows where they will lead! Kristen’s act two is coming soon.

03 May

Miss April 2011

Check out the sexy Miss April 2011 - Jaclyn Swedberg

03 May

Naj’a Irie

Sexy coed and self-described tomboy Naj’a Irie loves snowboarding, camping, and hanging out at the beach. You wouldn’t know it to look at her beautiful pictorials but Naj’a was so nervous when she attended a Playboy Casting Call she couldn’t stop shaking. Drop by the members area to see why this coed is skyrocketing to the top of Playboy’s charts!

03 May

Payton Marie

Summer lover Payton Marie can’t imagine a perfect day without sun and water. Payton loves to kick back at the lake with friends or rafting down the river with a date. Visit fresh-faced Payton Marie in the members area and get a glimpse of the latest celestial body to join the Playboy Universe!

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