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Archive for August, 2011

25 Aug

Coed House Party

Summer session on campus is remarkably different than fall and spring semesters. Classes may be intense but it’s worth sticking around town for the extra credits and perks: the quad has more room for sunbathers, the bar scene is less competitive and everyone throws great parties. Our college girls Lexi Ray, Amanda Leggett, Hayden Hayes and Caitlin Lee are making the most of their summer semester and, as always, you’re on their guest list to the best party on Playboy’s campus—and this party keeps going all month long.

25 Aug

Playboy’s Veronica LaVavery

“I had a lot of fun during my Cyber Girl of the Month shoot,” Veronica says. “From saying things wrong on camera while laughing too much, to just being happy that I got the chance to be a part of it.” Fairly new to modeling, Veronica recently made the move from Sacramento to southern California to be closer to the action. “I’m concentrating on my modeling career and working hard to finish up my degrees in business and anthropology,” she says. “I’m also thinking about getting my dream dog, finally!” Being a Playboy model has brought her some notoriety. “It’s definitely given me a lot more recognition on a whole different level,” Veronica says. “It feels amazing, I’m not gonna lie! I’d like to thank everyone who supports me and believes in me. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m spicing up my shoots to make sure I don’t bore you to death!”

25 Aug

Playboy’s Vivian Keys

Eager students usually annoy their classmates, but Vivian is captivated by the guys sitting in the front of the class. “I’m very attracted to ‘smart’ athletes,” she says. “I used to adore a guy in my business class. He never hesitated answering the professor’s questions. Who resists those kinds of full packages?” The South Korean-born coed is currently pursuing a degree in business, but says she wouldn’t hesitate to work in the entertainment field if given the chance. “I thought I wasn’t a business person at first but I’m more interested now, class by class,” she says. “I feel like business is an educated game, and I want to win all the games I’ll face in the future.”

25 Aug

Playboy’s Kaya Danielle

More than two years after her first Playboy audition, Kaya is still giddy about being a Playboy model. “When I found out I won Cyber Girl of the Month, I was in tears and excited,” she says. “There’s so much I want to say to each and every one of my fans. They’ve seen me through everything, giving me luck and strength during all the ups and downs. I couldn’t ask for anything more.” Though the culinary arts student is plenty talented in front of the camera, she’s recently moved behind it as an on-set photographer and videographer for a TV series and a stylist for photo shoots. “I am a go-getter and want to accomplish anything and everything!”

25 Aug

Playboy’s Brandi Lynn

Ask Brandi where she would prefer to be at any given time, and she’s likely to respond as any proper Cali girl: the beach, which she calls her happy place. “I love the sun and all the sexy women in bikinis,” she says. When not heading for sandy shores, the San Diego native and aspiring fashion designer spends her weekends riding her bike, dancing or shopping—research for her dream job, perhaps? “I want to be a stylist for runways and photo shoots and, if all goes as planned, start my own clothing line.”

25 Aug

Playboy’s Jessa Hinton

AMBITIONS: To be a household name — a global brand — with my own TV shows and fashion lines.
TURN-ONS: Toned stomachs and firm butts on men and women. Yes, I am bisexual.
TURNOFFS: Bad breath and a bad attitude. You can be cocky, boys, but have something to back it up with and brag about!
BRING IT ON: Bungee jumping, four-wheeling, sky diving, race car driving, surfing — anything to do with an adrenaline rush, I’m the first one in.
SEX APPEAL: I love curves!!! Nice boobs and voluptuous hips.
MY DREAM TOY: A pink 1967 Corvette with white interior and pink lining.

25 Aug

Playboy’s Mei-Ling Lam

AMBITIONS: To be a successful entrepreneur, mother of three and a loving wife.
TURN-ONS: A gentleman’s soft lips touching my neck. AHHH…drives me nuts…bonkers!!
TURNOFFS: Foulmouthed men with negative attitudes who express themselves in a violent way.
MY R&B CRUSH: Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell! His voice makes me crazy!! XOXO!
CRAZIEST THING I’VE DONE FOR LOVE: Moved states for a man. I will not do that again without a ring. A BIG ONE!
MY PERFECT DAY: Waking up to ESPN, soaking up some sun at a swimming pool, pina colada in hand, then topping the day off with hot sex. YESSS!

25 Aug

Playboy’s Sasha Bonilova

BIRTHPLACE: Lytsk, Ukraine
BUST: 36″ DD
HIPS: 36
HEIGHT: 5′ 7″
WEIGHT: 127 lbs

25 Aug

Playboy’s Morgan Reese

Morgan had a blast during her Cyber Girl of the Month shoot. “It was like a party and I loved it,” she says. “It’s freaking amazing to have guys out there looking at my pictures and wanting to see more of me!” Life off-set is “pretty normal” for Morgan with school and work keeping her busy but she notices her life changing in ways she didn’t expect. “I guess I’m kind of modest,” Morgan says, “but there are people at school who know about me posing for Playboy. I’ve got to say-I like the attention and I think the best part is knowing that I was able to do something like this for myself. It feels good!”

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