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01 Jul

Chiara - The mansion

CZECH REPUBLIC, 34/24/36, FAIR, European

User comment: Where have we men, and some welcome ladies, gone so wrong? Chiara, as with the vast majority of girls featured on this site, has seemingly been given a raw deal with rating. We have gone wrong because most of us have gotten so used to a certain degree of beauty/explicity/talent. I would be willing to bet that 99.5555% of us would glady get down on our knees and thank the good Lord Himself that such women would grace us with so much as a glance... let alone taking her clothes off and perhaps touching her most intimate lotus flower to where we could see it. Personally, I would really love to see how individuals who do bother to rate the ladies here to use a rating scale based upon their own dealing with ladies in the real world. If I were to have a lady of the caliber of Chiara even deign to apologize to me if she were to bump my shoulder out on the street, then I would consider it a small honor. In that respect, the least she can get from me is a 9. A 10? Just smile at me Chiara.
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