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02 Jul

Alizee - Classmate

FRANCE, 34/25/36, BROWN-HAIRED, Latina

User comment: Let's clarify some ground rules. I'm NOT rating THIS card. I am talking about Alizee, based on ALL of her presently available cards. Clarification: I HAVEN'T watched THIS CARD in detail, and may never. I have VG set to show me levels above "topless" (I truly don't care about tits). For me, other shows are a waste of time. If I were interested in "tease", I would have already gone bankrupt at local "tittie bars", and couldn't afford VG. This is me, like it or not, and take it FWIW in the context of YOUR needs. I don't care if a model is "great dancer"; means nothing - to me. I look at: is she "sensual", as _I_ define that, and, does she show everything, meaning, for me, her ass and asshole, in her show. Alizee meets and exceeds my expectations. Enough said. Get her cards. All of them. If you agree with me. And yes, despite other opinions posted here, I _do_ thing she is _EXTREMELY_ pretty as well as _EXTREMELY_ hot. Of course, YMMV, based on your OWN perceptions. `
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