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24 Sep

Sarah Palin’s Road to No Where

Sarah Palin is the "attack dog" of John McCain's presidential bid. She too must be able to sustain attacks upon her and, as promised, they are coming. How will Sarah answer to the discrepancies in Alaska where she serves as governor. She pontificate against the "good old boys" but has benefitted and carried out the programs as a good old boy would. She benefitted from the good old boys' handouts in Washington, DC to the point where Alaska received more federal dollars per citizen than any other state. She has even taunted Alaska as being the richest state. The media has been told to not ask her questions but they can take pictures. Why just pictures? Is this Playboy or Penthouse pinups? Is John McCain using her to appeal to the base nature of sex? He cannot attract a crowd so he uses sex. Sort of like what he stated two months ago at the big motorcycle gathering when he spoke about getting Cindy his wife into the "tit" contest at the gathering. What about real issues? The American people do not need the typical Republican distractions. Distractions are what has brought Wall Street and Main Street to where they are. The last "Road to No Where" will be back to Alaska for Sarah Palin and back to Arizona for John McCain after November.

Author: westthea
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Added: September 24, 2008

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