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26 Sep

GREY’s : Their Kiss Moment - Callie & Erica talk about it !

Callie and Erica talk about their kiss : Trying something new. Grey's Anatomy : Season 5 Episode 1 clip. [ original air date : SEPTEMBER 25, 2008 ] BACKGROUND: On the two-hour season 4 finale of Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) kisses Dr. Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith). And Hahn kissed back. The tension had been building between Hahn and Torres for the two episodes leading up to the finale, beginning with Addison (Kate Walsh) asking Callie if the two women were lovers. In the finale, Hahn kisses Torres to taunt resident playboy Mark Sloane (Eric Dane), but he wasn't the only one turned on, as a stunned Torres stumbled her way out of the elevator. Earlier - while having sex with Callie, Sloane describes an erotic fantasy involving Callie and Erica, and Callie quickly stops him. Later, when he sees Callie watching Erica intently while she's performing a surgery, Sloane busts Callie on her obvious feelings for Erica, telling her: "It's OK. I wish I was all someone thought about all day." When they're leaving that night, Callie tries to entice Sloane to "finish what they started," but he tells her to finish what she started, and nods to Hahn. So Callie does, trying at first to tell Erica how she feels with words, and then finally just grabbing her and kissing her for a several seconds. They break apart for a moment to look at each other, then start kissing again. SEASON FIVE STARTS THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 25TH 9PM - 2 HOUR SPECIAL EPISODE ! Grey's Anatomy : Season FIVE Episode ONE

Author: StrayActingChild
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Added: September 26, 2008

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